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You Send Us Your Payroll And Employee Data And We'll Send You Payslips & Reports

You send us your payroll and employee data and we'll send you payslips and reports.

We can often manage your payroll at a lower cost per employee than your own in-house payroll department. When you use our payroll services, we act as your payroll department and scale to fit with your particular business needs. Our payroll services and payroll management suits small businesses who do not have an in-house facility through to large companies who prefer to outsource the complete payroll function rather than employ specialist staff. By outsourcing your payroll you have no need for costly specialist staff. Instead you have cost effective access to our experts and knowledge base only when you need it.

 Our payroll services include:

  • Processing your payroll data
  • RTI submissions to HMRC
  • Auto enrolment reporting and guidance
  • Printed or electronic payslips
  • Printed or electronic reports
  • BACS payment management
  • HMRC BACS payments
  • Provision of tailored reports
  • File transfer and data export

For outsourced and headache free payroll management, use our flexible payroll services and payroll options that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Enjoy the benefits of having your own payroll department without the accompanying management responsibility. 

Submission of Input data

Choose how you submit your data: 

  • Email - Excel based payroll input that you can email to us for processing 
  • Online - Use our secure eInput service to input your data
  • Electronically - Use our Payroll Link option to input your data for processing
  • Fax or post - form based payroll input that can be faxed or posted for processing 

Payroll data processing

Our specialist teams process the payroll data you submit and ensure everything related to salaries, benefits, tax, NI and statutory payments are calculated correctly. 

Payroll information supplied to you

After processing your payroll data we can supply whatever your business needs to manage payroll effectively. This includes:

  • Current and year to date payroll information
  • Summary details of RTI, PAYE, SSP, SMP, NIC and any other data you need
  • Electronic payslips or laser printed payslips
  • Printed P45s for departing employees
  • BACS payment management
  • Ongoing advice and guidance

Management information at your fingertips

We can help you streamline your payroll and accounting functions with prompt and accurate reporting. Reports can include PAYE, NI, SSP and SMP summaries, cumulative figures to date, cost centre analysis reports and many more.


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