13 December 2018 in The Call Takers Blog

Why Outsourcing is Better For My Business

Top 8 Reasons Why Outsourcing is a Better Strategic Sales Decision

More sales.  Everyone wants more sales.  In my 20 years of experience, no board room has ever asked to reduce sales. Sales are so important that one of the first things new businesses do is set up processes to make and fulfill sales

If you have never considered outsourcing sales as part of your sales operation, you are missing out on some big opportunities to make more sales today and in the long-run.

Outsourcing sales has many more benefits than you might think. Here are 8 reasons why outsourcing is a good strategic sales decision:

1. Outsourced Sales Saves Money

The primary reason to outsource sales is cost savings. When you outsource sales, you don’t have to recruit, hire, and train employees. You don’t have to provide benefits. You don’t have to hire managers to manage them or trainers to train them.

Infinity goes one step further to keep it easy for you to control costs: We offer a single fee that encompasses all costs. We can do this because we know our Account Executives will exceed your expectations. When they do, and your sales go above and beyond what you expected, we turn on our revenue sharing model. Everybody wins, and you save a bundle.

2. Outsourced Sales Makes More Money

There are a variety of ways you will make more money, from tapping markets that were previously untouchable to offering products in ways you have not thought of before. Over the 20 years that Infinity has specialized in sales marketing, we have mastered all sorts of tactics and strategies that only come with experience.

For example, many clients I have worked with have been impressed at our ability to generate revenue from the SMB marketplace. Other sales firms don’t engage businesses that are “too small” because they don’t think those customers need or want their products. In most cases, we are able to generate tremendous amounts of revenue from markets that you didn’t think were viable.

3. Outsourced Sales Adds Expertise

At Infinity, you work with people that have an uncanny amount of experience and business acumen. They are going to ask questions you have never thought of asking before and point out things about your sales process for you to take a closer look.

How often do you have the ability to hire someone with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in a variety of markets and industries? That’s what you get when you hire Infinity. Literally hundreds of years of combined experience, all working to maximize your ROI. I can honestly say that every client walks away impressed with our team. Every. Time.

4. Outsourced Sales Helps You Learn

When you hire people that are experts at penetrating the SMB market, you are going to learn things that you didn’t know. Infinity has a proprietary model for analyzing market results called Buyerlytics. We can show you things you have never known like a comprehensive breakdown of why people are and are not buying . Or the exact amount of time it takes from first contact to sale.

And because all of our sales calls are recorded, we can gather information to improve your ROI. In some cases we’ve actually identified that our client’s price was too low and were able to help them adjust to meet the market. Other times we had uncovered competitive factors that were impacting sales results.

We can do this because Infinity has the infrastructure and knowledge to gather and interpret sales data. Thank you Buyerlytics!

5. Outsourced Sales Leads to Growth

What’s the best way to get bigger? Hire someone else. I know that doesn’t sound right, but think about it: Outsourced sales gives you an external source of revenue that that wasn’t previously there.

At Infinity, we have a passion to innovate. Most of our projects started as something simple. A single product or idea. Before you know it, we are adding in new products, services, and new aspects to the program. We’ve grown sales for our clients by adding retention departments and inbound customer service, as just a couple of examples.

6. Outsourced Sales Finds New Directions

One of the most positive aspects to outsourcing is providing an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve been doing and finding out what you aren’t doing that you could be.

In Infinity’s discovery process, we ask questions: What do you do? What don’t you do? Why do you do it this way? Why don’t you do it that way? This is how we start to find new ways to improve sales.

And to be honest, for some clients this can be a little painful. It is never fun to learn that you weren’t doing everything perfectly. But nothing worth getting comes without a little bit of pain, and if that pain means more revenue and more success, then pain is gain!

7. Outsourced Sales Provides Healthy Competition

Let’s face it: Successful salespeople are competitive. Every project I’ve ever worked on when a client ran an A/B test between our team and theirs, , something positive came out of it. Regardless of which team out-produces the other, you will walk away with something valuable.You learn more about what works and what doesn’t. You gain insight into your team. And most importantly, we would have produced more than if we weren’t competing at all.

8. Outsourced Sales Always Proves Beneficial

The main reason why people say no to outsourcing is they are afraid it will fail.

But it truly can’t fail.

In the unlikely event that we don’t hit the goals and targets, in the rare case that your team proves to be a superior sales force, you have still gained.

You have gained knowledge. You have gained experience. You have gained confidence. You have gained marketability. And most importantly, you will have gained the goal of more sales.

If you would like to learn more, I have a team of passionate experts who can’t wait to teach you what you are missing.


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