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Why Live Chat Will Benefit Your Business!

Why Live Chat Will Benefit Your Business!

Ten years ago, live chat was a nifty bonus feature for e-commerce sites–a curiosity for others. “Chat with a real customer service representative? Sure! Why not give it a try?”

Nowadays, live chat is standard practice for everyone in e-commerce. Industry leaders provide every customer service channel imaginable, and live chat is a staple. Traditional phone and email support are still popular and necessary, but they are not without cost and efficiency pitfalls. So for growing businesses, live chat makes good sense–in fact, it can be the difference between mediocrity and meteoric success.

Benefits Of Live Chat For E-Commerce:

  • Live chat, whether used as proactive or reactive solutions, help cut costs, improve efficiency, facilitate sales, and streamline service and product development.

  • Live chat is convenient for customers and is growing in popularity. According to Software Advice, 56% of U.S. adults age 18 to 34 prefer live chat over phone support.

  • Live chat equals short wait times and fast responses. This allows customers to multitask while asking relevant questions and getting timely responses. Customers that use phone support are easily frustrated with transfers and held calls. This is never a problem with live chat.

  • Customer service agents are able to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously–a more efficient use of customer service resources.

  • Live chat is easy and cheap to implement.

According to Listrak, cart abandonment rates hover somewhere around 75%. And when conversion rates fluctuate between 1-3% for e-commerce, abandoned carts are major missed opportunities. Proactive live chat can provide customers with the information they never thought possible. Live chat can track where customers are in their shopping experience and help prevent customers from leaving the site or abandoning their cart. These live chat cues encourage customers to ask questions and can even speed up their checkout process.

Proactive Live Chat Can Help With:

  • Site navigation: Confused shoppers might just need help finding a certain item. If they can’t find an item, customer service agents can offer assistance.

  • Product details: Customers can ask a live agent how an item really functions or holds up with wear. Live chat can be a good opportunity to facilitate an up-sell when it suits the customer’s needs.

  • Coupons and free shipping: Bring back hesitant shoppers or cart abandoners to offer perks for completing a transaction.

Live Chat Improves Products And Service:

  • Bill Gates said ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

  • Live chat puts this idea to work by logging sessions, which allows customer service agents to communicate and act on any pain points. Gathering information about pain points from customers leads to innovation. Improve customer service, customer experience, or product design when you know what to fix.

  • FAQ ready: Known pain points can easily become an FAQ tab if solutions exist or are difficult to find.

  • Customer profiles: Live chat allows customer service representatives to have a full customer profile, which allow agents to simplify, contextualize, and customize interactions.

  • Gather data: These customer profiles help customer service, marketing, and sales departments to gather demographics data to optimize the sales funnel further.

  • With customer service, expectations are everything. By implementing live chat, you’ll still best many of your competitors and impress your clientele. You will save time, money, and most importantly, keep your visitors happy. It’s a no-brainer.



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