22 May 2017 in The Call Takers Blog

Why do companies Outsource?

Why Do Companies Outsource?

Having been an outsourcing partner for companies across the UK and further abroad for over 40 years, we have worked with a large number of organisations in various sectors that had not outsourced before. With this experience, we understand that it can be a huge undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For that reason, we've written 10 quick reasons about why outsourcing can be of benefit:

  1. Higher profit margins: 

Put simply; people outsource to lower costs and improve the bottom line. Outsourcing saves money on labour and operational costs which can deliver significant savings and an increase in gross profit.

  1. More time to concentrate on doing your real job:

Your job is to make money from your product or service, not ensuring products or literature reach the correct place at the correct time – that’s our area of expertise. The time savings can be significant and free up resources that benefit your organisation and customers.

  1. Shared expertise: 

We know fulfilment and response services – with years of experience we can find the most effective way of getting your products where you need them, when you need them. And we can pass on the benefits to you.

  1. Quicker service: 

A lot is made of the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing, but it should not be forgotten that outsourced services can often work quicker than in-house. Simply because we have more staff and tried and tested procedures, we can usually answer calls, process orders and deliver goods to customers quicker.

  1. A shift in priorities: As well as freeing up time and resources for you to do your normal job, outsourcing can also give you the opportunity to change priorities. Taking on additional projects, changing direction or starting something new that you have never done before is easier when you do not need to concentrate on fulfilment.

  1. A bigger infrastructure behind you: Your infrastructure may not be best suited for growth nor to deal with problems should they arise. Outsourcing to an expansive structure such as ours gives you room to manoeuvre.

  1. Save something for a rainy day: You only pay for what you need when outsourcing and the costs saved could give you the rare opportunity to put some money aside (or create a “buffer capital fund”) that could either help you to invest in a new part of your venture or provide you with stability should a problem arise in any part of your operations.

  1. Greater flexibility: Outsourcing your fulfilment, warehousing and/or response solutions means that you do not need to pay people to work when you are not busy or go through the rigmarole of hiring temporary staff when demand increases.

  1. Reduced risks: Every company runs the risk of efficiency of operations dropping at times – for example, during periods of high staff turnover. If several of your fulfilment staff left at the time same time by coincidence, training new staff to the same levels could take time and mistakes may be made in the meantime. However, with many employees at our disposal and rigorous processes in place this risk is significantly reduced, if not eradicated.

  1. Better customer satisfaction: When deliveries are quicker, calls are answered and dealt with more efficiently and problems are ironed out with better procedures, the people you deal with get a better experience and are more likely to continue a relationship with your organisation.



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