29 March 2017 in The Call Takers Blog

Survey claims automotive retail is worst for customer service

All About Calls has been looking into different industry sectors this month. WE continue our focus on Motor services. Research has shown that there are many issues facing this industy, specifically around the experience received by the customer. In this article By John Kirwan of Motor Trader.com we can see true evidence of this in the report.

The automotive sector is getting worse at treating customers well and is now bottom of the league table for the best service and customer experience.

That’s the conclusion of the third annual Customer Experience Survey from service design consultancy, Engine.

Among the 14 sectors covered, the proportion of customers saying automotive was among the best for service dropped from 12.2% to 9.5%, pushing it below insurance (9.9%) and utility (10.3%) companies.

For the second straight year, automotive came out as the least reliant sector on customer service

Oliver King, co-founder of Engine, said: “The problem is that retail staff are working to traditional sales and after-sales processes, often created by siloed teams within manufacturers and groups, which no longer reflect the way people buy and service cars.

“Customer’s service expectations have evolved dramatically in line with innovative concepts in the high street and online.

They’re used to multi-channel retail experiences but automotive is stuck in a linear model in a non-linear world. Consequently, they can’t meet customers’ current expectations and preferences.”

Honesty is the most valued trait in the way a company deals with customers (cited as a top three trait by 50% of people), followed by efficiency (48%) and reliability (44%).

The survey of 1,012 adults was carried out in July.

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The original article can be visited here: http://www.motortrader.com/motor-trader-news/automotive-news/automotive-retail-lags-behind-customer-service-01-09-2016


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