23 January 2018 in The Call Takers Blog

Start Up Companies

Here are a few of the top reasons that startups should consider part-time sales and marketing services.

1. You Don’t Have Funds for a Full-Time Hire

Hiring experienced full-time sales and marketing talent can be extremely expensive for a startup. Additionally, often times the best marketers and salespeople aren’t willing to take on the unique challenges that working in a startup presents. A part-time sales and marketing arrangement is a great way to tap into the expert resources you need to 
grow your business without the full-time headaches.

2. You Don’t Have the Time

Running a startup can keep you extremely busy with development challenges, finance issues, operations, human resources, and sales and marketing. Bringing in an experienced 
sales and marketing consultant can help you use your time more effectively as part of the sales and marketing cycle. As well, many startups just don’t have the runway to adequately develop a sales and marketing team before their business starts to face financial challenges. Part-time sales and marketing services allow entrepreneurs to start selling from day one.

3, You Don’t Have Expertise in Sales and/or Marketing

While there are lots of free sales and marketing resources available to growing companies, startups just can’t afford the learning curve. Furthermore, hiring a sales and marketing team without having the experience needed to manage those type of employees can be tough. Part-time services can help you go faster with a great plan, and are flexible enough to help your organization pivot as your product pivots as well.
Every entrepreneur should examine their own situation and decide whether or not it makes sense to outsource sales and marketing in some capacity. If you have the funds, time, and expertise, you should hire full-time employees. You should consider a consultant to help you grow your business if you are lacking in any of these key areas.

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