22 January 2018 in The Call Takers Blog

Here are 5 areas where an organization could leverage sales and marketing outsourcing.

Here are 5 areas where an organization could leverage sales and marketing outsourcing.

1. Sales Reps

It is important for the leaders of an organization to guide their company through the early sales. This is essential learning for leaders that can help define the solution and the key selling points. After those initial sales are closed, it may make sense to bring in a part-time sales resource. This resource can help qualify inbound leads, do the follow-ups, send emails, update the CRM, follow-up on contracts, and all of the other activities associated with sales. This extra sales rep can be a huge productivity saver for startup leaders.

2. Marketing Leadership

Marketing is necessary for an organization to be able to provide the right information, at the right time, and to right prospects. Creating a marketing strategy at the start of your sales and marketing efforts, measuring it, and then tweaking it is very important. A senior marketing resource can work with the company leaders to define that marketing strategy and provide expertise about the best messaging and marketing tactics to be used.

3. Marketing Help

There are many different marketing tactics that can be employed by a startup. This could be project based or one-time events like a web site update, event support, or creating deliverables. There are also many ongoing tasks like social media, content creation, website updates, SEO, and other adhoc activities. Some or all of these tasks can be done by a part-time resource or outsourced firm.

4. Sales Leadership

For an organization to have success in the short-term and then turn that into long-term success is a difficult undertaking. This is especially true when the organization starts to grow the sales team. You need to hire the right sales people, employ the right resources, ensure a great communications plan is in place, and that proper processes are there for the team to be successful. Growing a startup sales team is a very challenging task.

5. Inbound Lead Generation

This is a newer and more holistic view on marketing activities. One of the main goals for the marketing team is to create a process that drives inbound leads. Inbound lead generation can be a mix of content marketing, social media, email newsletters, SEM, and SEO. One of the keys to inbound lead generation is consistency of efforts. This is where an outside party can help keep you on track.

As a startup, there are many activities that need to be accomplished to move your business forward. You and your team may not have the experience or time to do it yourself. An outsourced sales or marketing resource may be what is needed to help keep up revenue generation momentum.

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