13 March 2018 in The Call Takers Blog

Clear Points Of Advantages And Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Clear Points of advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

  • Brings more flexibility to your business.
  • You can focus on the core activities of your business and leave the non-core activities to your outsource to handle.
  • Time efficiency in solving problems.
  • Access to professional, specified, expert and high quality services
  • Save on capital expenditures.
  • Outsourcing gives businesses the ability to develop new competencies and skill-sets that can be used as a competitive advantage.
  • Controlling the operations of your company.
  • Your outsourcing provider will be able to see your company’s confidential information. hence there is a threat to security and confidentiality in outsourcing.
  • Your outsourcing provider might not be providing services only for your organization. Since your provider might be catering to the needs of several companies. They will not be able to give your company 100% attention.
  • Outsourcing, though cost-effective, might have hidden costs. Stuff like the legal costs incurred while signing a contract between companies. You might also have to spend a lot of time and effort in getting the contract signed.
  • With outsourcing, your organization might suffer from a lack of customer focus.
  • There can be several disadvantages, such as, renewing contracts, misunderstanding of the contract, lack of communication, poor quality and delayed services amongst other.



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