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Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

31st October 2013

Although outsourcing is more commonly associated with business functions such as HR services, finance and IT, sales outsourcing is not new – companies have actually been outsourcing parts of the sales function such as telemarketing for many years.

Most companies find the proposition of outsourcing their sales department to be quite daunting however the benefits of doing so are quite simple, you are indirectly employing experienced and motivated sales professionals without the associated risks and costs of direct employment. Furthermore, you are putting the responsibility of growing your business in the hands of people whose reputation is dependent on delivering results.

The key benefits to outsourcing your sales function include reducing costs, increasing flexibility while reducing risk, managing results, and producing profitable revenue growth for your company.

The common business issues resulting from directly employing sales staff are avoided by creating a business-to-business relationship:

  • Recruitment costs and time lost (agency fees, advertising costs, interviewing time, reading CV’s, etc.)
  • Training and integration into the company (typically at least one to two months unproductive time)
  • High salary and costs for a seasoned sales professional (£50-70+ basic, commission, car, NI contributions, etc)
  • Increased office costs (additional workstation, pc/laptop, software for contact management, phone call costs)
  • Risk of staff not working out and training costs of maintaining performance if they do
  • Typical sales staff “shelf-life” of 18 months

As a result, through sales outsourcing you can:

  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Budget for a fixed cost of sales per month
  • Enter or explore new markets quickly and cost-effectively
  • Concentrate on running your business and keeping existing clients happy

Commonly, persons with vast experience within their industry sector and a specific company are put into sales roles where they have no experience of sales and marketing. This often results in someone looking after a role that they are not content with and also one which they do not fully understand. The current climate within the energy sector sees a very buoyant market but one which is lacking in resource availability. Industry experience is short across all disciplines and so really does underline the fact that a person’s experience and credentials should be utilised within the area where their knowledge is deemed most useful.  A different strategy, understanding and structure to the early stages of sales and marketing activity really can have an incredible impact on a company’s future revenue.  


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