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5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing To A Call Centre


 Ken Wills |  4 October, 2017 |  Call Center Services

In recent years, call centers have undergone a radical transformation from simply providing voice-service to integrating both customer service and sales on multiple levels, which leads to sky-high profits and increased productivity for businesses. Here are 5 Reasons you need to Outsource your business to a Call Center. 

1. Save Money

Recent research proves that your business can significantly lower its operating costs by outsourcing. Today, a whopping 80% of businesses currently choose outsourcing to save money.  And most companies confirm that decreasing expenses is their main goal. When you calculate the cost of employee training, management, office overheard, technology, payroll, hiring, incidentals and more, outsourcing to a call center typically saves on operation costs.  The vast majority of companies save approximately 60% by outsourcing their communication services.

 A recent study at Duke University revealed that a whopping 63% of Fortune 500 companies saved more than 30% annually by outsourcing.   And an astonishing 14% reported they saved more than 50%! 

 Outsourcing also eliminates the need for your business to spend additional revenue on training your employees to handle high amounts of customer service.  That’s why outsourcing your customer service needs provides so many benefits; it frees up your employees to focus on what they do best – running your business.

 2. More Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

The traditional methods of spending hundreds of hours cold calling and blind telemarking to increase sales just doesn’t cut it anymore. Outsourcing allows your business to make additional sales through skillful cross-selling and up-selling, which is integrated into the call handling process.  Up-selling means the call representative sells a higher quality or improved version of the product that your customers had intended to buy.  Cross-selling encourages your customers to purchase other products, which usually complement or are integrated into the original product. Both are highly effective for driving sales, and have been proven to work better than many traditional marketing campaign.

 At BPO American, our highly trained and friendly agents know how to effectively engage with customers in a meaningful way to obtain a deeper insight into their needs, and suggest additional products that will enhance their experience through upsells and cross-sells.

 3. Increases Customer Loyalty and Retention

Another wonderful benefit of using a call center is it leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention. BPO American’s caring and attentive call center team pulls out all the stops to improve your customers’ experience with your business, which greatly enhances your brand and reputation. When your customers’ needs are fulfilled and they’re 100% satisfied, it builds a relationship of trust, prevents them from going to the competition, and keeps them loyal.  And when customers are delighted with your superior customer service, it increases the chances of repeat business in the future.  As a result of outsourcing’s ability to attract, convert and retain both new and repeat customers, businesses earn higher profits with lower marketing costs.

4. Easily Scale Up or Down

Scaleability is another enormous benefit to outsourcing components of your business.  The most successful business owners recognize that success doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes time to successfully reach business goals. Scaling up or down requires hard work and significant flexibility. And in today’s hectic world, business owners often find the process to be successful because time is money!  So, whether your goal is to scale up or down, it becomes a smoother, hassle-free process when you partner with a first-rate call center, such as BPO American.

For example, customer service demands typically spikes to unprecedented high levels during the holidays and various marketing promotions.  Rather than spending more to add and train in-house employees to take care of increased demand, outsourcing provides the most cost efficient solution.  Our grateful clients view us as an extension of their own in-house team!

5. Diversification

Many businesses prefer to maintain certain sections of their in-house infrastructure, but outsource various other components.  It’s often because they already have an efficient in-house call center, but prefer to expand other parts of their business through outsourcing. Diversifying your call center operations is an excellent way for your company to maintain your high quality in-house values, while your business continues to grow in the most cost-effective ways possible. 




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