21 March 2018 in The Call Takers Blog

5 Examples of business-related outsourcing to streamline processes and drive efficiency


Outsourcing can be an efficient way to improve the day-to-day running of your business. 

It can also help reduce the amount of money you spend on staff. Training or hiring employees can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, looking outside your company for this talent instead can save you money in the long run, boosting your cash flow and overall income.

But what areas should you be outsourcing if you are a small to medium sized business? Here are five of the most useful to boost efficiency and streamline processes:

Cloud hosting

If you are an SME or even a start-up, it's likely that there's at least an element of flexible or mobile working involved. Whether it's client meetings, collaborative working or something else, many companies now need to be able to do business on the go. 

Cloud computing makes this much easier, allowing you to access your documents and information with any device. Hosting such a cloud system in-house can be incredibly expensive and can potentially put your business at risk if the security isn't up to scratch. Outsourcing cloud technology and management means you can focus on using it, rather than having to ensure it's maintained.

Website development and hosting

It's important that you keep your website looking fresh and clean. For many small businesses, it's the main way customers reach them, meaning that having up-to-date information is essential to ensure you're not missing out on potential business. 

Doing this yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. Outsourcing it means you can access the skills of experts in the field who will give you a one-off cost to build and design the website, and then a small monthly fee if you want to carry on hosting it with them. This is often much cheaper than hiring your own dev person, especially if your website is the only project you need to be maintained. 


Cybersecurity is a big issue, and businesses of all sizes find it a daunting topic. But if you work in an industry where data is key, or store customer details, it's not something you can afford to take lightly. 

For a small business, outsourcing this may seem like a big financial commitment, but it takes a considerable weight off your shoulders and helps safeguard your customers' private information.

Admin support

If you feel completely bogged down with admin, but don't feel you are in the financial position to commit to hiring a full-time secretary, try outsourcing a virtual assistant. They can help you with just about every aspect of business admin, from organising your personal schedule, preparing meetings, making travel arrangements and even sending out invoices to clients.

This can free you up to focus on creatively driving your business, instead of spending half of your time doing admin tasks.


One of the biggest issues for small businesses and start-ups is ensuring they complete everything they need to be compliant with HMRC. If you are busy or organisation is not your strong point, you may find it difficult and stressful to ensure you meet the various tax deadlines.  

Outsourcing this can take a considerable weight off your shoulders, reducing the risk of fines or other problems that may arise. A complete accountancy service - like that offered by Brookson - can give you all the financial support you need. Aside from completing all of your tax returns, outsourcing this area of your business also ensures you know your tax position. This makes it much easier for you to decide when is the right time to expand your company or make further investment.


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