26 April 2017 in The Call Takers Blog

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Call Handling

For small businesses on the up, inbound calls can often hamper progress. As well as being a time-consuming task, it is also a drain on finances. So it’s no surprise to find that outsourcing call handling is enjoying a rise in popularity. But what are its main benefits?

1. More time to develop your business

Once you no longer have to deal with inbound customer calls, you’ll find that you – and your company as a whole – will have a lot more free time. Ideally, this will be spent productively. Expand your professional knowledge and keep up-to-date with the current trends in your industry through reading articles or by networking with others in your field. Alternatively, you could evaluate your company goals or engage in team bonding exercises to improve staff morale.

2. Financial savings

The most often cited benefit of outsourcing, and with good reason. It is estimated that cutting down on labour costs alone could save your company 30-50% in cost reductions. Issues such as equipment and maintenance costs would also become a thing of the past. Further, you can reap the rewards of the lower cost economy of developing countries by paying far smaller salaries than you would in-house. If done correctly, it won’t damage customer experience. The best service providers offer strategic global sourcing plans, enhancing customer relationships while minimising costs.

3. Quality, professional service

Off-shoring initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, not only for the benefits we enjoy, but for the source of employment they offer to graduates in developing countries. As these jobs are highly valued overseas, staff tend to be more motivated and productive. Every call centre agent goes through comprehensive staff training, to ensure that they are well rehearsed when it comes to your products and services. This guarantees that your customers receive the best level of customer service, while enhancing the reputation of your company.

4. Increased customer market

The above-mentioned quality customer service could give your business a boost in the market. Every call received is an opportunity to improve customer relations and further build your brand, so who better to have on the receiving end than a trained professional? If you provide excellent customer support, not only can you expect the customer to stay loyal to you, but you can also expect them to recommend your business to their friends and family.

5. Flexibility

The best service providers have a wealth of human resources and technology at their disposal, which allows for a degree of flexibility that is unlikely to be matched by any in-house programme. They can scale their workforce up and down, in line with volume demand. This is particularly useful for short-term programmes, such as seasonal holidays, where additional staff are required to handle an increase in inbound calls, as the workload can be distributed amongst multiple call centres. An easy resolution to in-house quarrels and short-term contracts.

It may well be that outsourcing is not necessary for your company at this moment in time, but it’s worth consideration. Outsourcing is one of few schemes where you can decrease workload and stress levels in the office, yet still reap rewards in terms of business, brand reputation and functionality.

by Lucie Greenwood

Image Source: Stocksnap

The original article can be viewed here: http://www.anvic.co.uk/5-benefits-of-outsourcing-call-handling/


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